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Thank you.  Good news.

If you set the Max value on the Graph's Edit Gauge screen to 1.2, that should be the max value it shoes.  Can you show a screenshot and let me know the App version you are using?

It always seems to be 0-4 even though the Y max is set to 1.27 or 1.0 or whatever.  Never changes the graph.  See the pictures:

The scale on the o2 graph is still not right.  It goes to 4 when the value for the gauge only goes to 1.2.  Please can you make it so we can manually pick the Y axis range please?

That would be an excellent feature if it could do that.  O2 vs RPM would be best.  Others would be great too.

Also The scaling should be adjustable so the graph is readable in the useful data range. 

Is there plan to do sensor value vs RPM in a graph instead of vs time?  This would be highly useful

Excellent, keep up the good work.   ;D

Is there a way to set the y axis scale ?  For the O2 sensors it goes to 4 which makes the graph fairly useless. 

Will it be updated to have user defined scale ?  Like .5-1.0 would be great for the o2 with .xxx resolution

Thank you, this sounds good enough for initial release.  Datalogging would be top shelf!

Will it have a graphing function that shows a value vs time or a value vs another value.  For example RPM vs O2 sensor voltage?  Or o2 sensor vs load?  Will it be able to 'datalog' or record this type of information?

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