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When i had my UG in my 2003 GTI, i had a boost gauge.

That car is gone to car heaven, so now i have a 2007 GTI. Boost is not among the gauges found. Forum searches elsewhere indicate that this is a known quality of the combination of a UG and a Mk5 or Mk6 VW. It's not just me.

I know that boost can be read through the diagnostic port using 11-bit CAN because Ross-Tech VCDS will do it.

But that runs on a windows laptop, with a $250 cable. Which i have, but i'm still not strapping a laptop to my dashboard.

I know the usual "why not this gauge" answer is "because the manufacturer didn't implement it".

But, they did.

Consider this a feature request maybe? You wouldn't believe the number of people who install a boost tap and run an air line to a pneumatic gauge installed in a pod somewhere in the interior of a recent VW or Audi. You could sell to a lot more VW/Audi owners if this gauge were available.

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