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General Discussion / Auto fill up problem
« on: June 28, 2011, 09:35:15 AM »
First of all I want to say that you guys are selling a perfect product! I really like it so far. Nice and very inexpensive!
I'm using it on my 2010 mazda 5 touring. The protocol is 11-bit can. Device can read fuel level through CAN bus. I verified it through "sender mode" setting.
I'm trying to use "smart" fuel level monitoring. I've set up upper threshold at 95%, low threshold at 50%. I'm using the mode which detects "up threshold". I have filled my tank 5 times and ultragauge did not detect fill up automatically. I had to push up button  to manually inform it about fill up.
I understand that I'm doing something wrong, but I followed manual...
Could somebody help me to proper set up this function?
Thank you in advance,

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