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I am ready to order another one.

But I do not want to buy it now and then find out 4 weeks later that a newer version came out (i.e. with metric).

Admin, can you give us a basic time-frame on when you think a newer version will be available?

Thank you!

General Discussion / Ultra-Gauge temporarily out of stock
« on: February 25, 2011, 07:07:05 AM »
"Due to unprecedented demand ...".

Congratulations Ultra-Gauge! Sounds like business is picking up. I wait with my next order then, maybe I can get the update with metric support at the same time.


I noticed that the UltraGauge does not have different fuel types programmed. The ScanGaugeII does allow you to select the fuel type, thus it is not clear to me why it would matter. A gallons goes through, no matter what type it is, right?

Also, sometimes I run pure gas, sometimes a mix, sometimes solely E85.

Does anyone have any experiences with different fuel types? I am thinking about switching back to E85 again as I have to do a lot of long distance runs.


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