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General Discussion / Re: Horsepower value not accurate
« on: April 09, 2013, 07:40:21 PM »
You do know that this gauge physically can not accurately measure horsepower and torque. It is physically impossible for it to do so the only way you'll ever know is if you put your car on a chassis dyno or rip your engine out and put it on a engine dyno. This is not a bash on UG in anyway its just a fact. UG is literally made to read sensors period.

There is that, plus, how many horses you can make at WOT in 3rd gear on a dyno and how many horses you are using in daily driving are two completely different numbers.

That and "should be" hp and torque numbers mean nothing without dyno graphs to back them up for the actual car in the actual configuration it's in (and at that ambient temperature and altitude).

What I've come to understand is that outside of Ross-Tech VCDS - who ain't tellin' - very little is known about how to use the VW/Audi/Skoda/SEAT diagnostic protocol.

There is an open-source effort over at the Torque forums, but I don't know how much real progress has been made.

The ability to read memory blocks over the VAS protocol would be awesome.

FWIW the MAP sensor on Mk5 (vin starts with 1K) volkswagens is memory block 115.

since it's reading absolute atmospheric pressure, in mbars fwiw, you have to subtract the ambient atmospheric pressure (what MAP reads when engine speed = 0) to get the actual boost pressure.

The whole map of that block is:

115,0,Charge Pressure Control
115,1,Engine Speed
115,2,Engine Load
115,3,Boost Pressure,(specified)
115,4,Boost Pressure,(actual)

It has one. The sticky wicket is how to read it through the OBD port i guess.

It can be done - Ross-Tech VCDS can log it and people produce graphs from VCDS logs. It's just communicating over CAN just like the UG -- but VCDS knows whatever secret handshake VW built in for their own VAS diagnostic system.

Basically VCDS is a reverse-engineered VW/Audi diagnostic app.

It's just frustrating. And you're not the only company out in the cold. There is a really neat device that you can plug into canbus via the radio harness that apparently uses the exact same OBD2 commands the UG does and uses them to provide extended gauges on the multi-function display in the middle of VW dashboards -- but it can only provide a boost gauge on vehicles with TDI engines for whatever reason.

Which means that the UG can probably display a boost gauge on Mk5 and Mk6 VW TDI vehicles.

Some other outfit in europe has VW MFD extender that does display a boost gauge on 2.0T FSI engines. So it's possible.

I guess I can't expect you guys to try to cater specifically to the VW/Audi/SEAT/Skoda market though.

When i had my UG in my 2003 GTI, i had a boost gauge.

That car is gone to car heaven, so now i have a 2007 GTI. Boost is not among the gauges found. Forum searches elsewhere indicate that this is a known quality of the combination of a UG and a Mk5 or Mk6 VW. It's not just me.

I know that boost can be read through the diagnostic port using 11-bit CAN because Ross-Tech VCDS will do it.

But that runs on a windows laptop, with a $250 cable. Which i have, but i'm still not strapping a laptop to my dashboard.

I know the usual "why not this gauge" answer is "because the manufacturer didn't implement it".

But, they did.

Consider this a feature request maybe? You wouldn't believe the number of people who install a boost tap and run an air line to a pneumatic gauge installed in a pod somewhere in the interior of a recent VW or Audi. You could sell to a lot more VW/Audi owners if this gauge were available.

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