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I found this on page 48 "Restore factory default settings SettingsUltraGauge SettingsRestore factory default settings
Restores all internal and configurable settings back to the factory defaults. Restoring all defaults should be used with
care as it restores all configuration such as Calibration, Gauge selection, Alarms settings, display settings, as well as all
accumulated MPG, MPH, Time, and Distance. This function is a global restore. There are generally individual restores
or resets for various functions which should always be used first to correct suspected issues. This can be considered the
global “Reset” of UltraGauge.
For Apple, the user should re-install the application for a Factory Reset to take place for the UltraGauge Application."

but do I also have to reset the adapter?  I did the above "reset to factory" but now says that i am getting 1L/100km! lol

How do restore everything?

Can't find this anywhere in the

I wasn't able to find this in the manual.  Does the smartphone need to be connected to keep track of things like the mileage and DTE (distance till empty)  or is that info contained in the ODBII module until the next bluetooth connection with the smartphone?

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