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I was struggling with this yesterday...

I would pull over next to a mile marker, reset the trip, drive 1-5 miles, then attempt to calibrate, and would get the same error you're talking about.

Then I realized that I have to exit out of the menus and back to the home screen (with all of the running gauges) for the trip counter to work.  As a side note, when I was doing this, I did have a trip odometer set on one of my home screens.

When I wouldn't exit out of the calibration or trip reset screen, the Ultra Gauge would not recognize that I was travelling, and the trip odometer would not count miles.

My process, to get the calibration to work:

Pulled over by a mile marker
Set the trip odometer to zero (I used a short trip odometer)
Exited out of the gauge menu, back to my home screen, where I could see my trip odometer
Drove 3 miles
Stopped at the 3 mile marker
Went into the calibration menu and calibrated my trip for my 3 miles that I just drove

Hope this helps!

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