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General Discussion / Re: Orderd the UG but how long till it ships?
« on: April 01, 2012, 09:13:33 PM »
I got my UG before I even got a notification it was shipped.   Ordered on Wed, got it on Monday.

General Discussion / Re: Fuel Level, DTE, and general questions
« on: March 28, 2012, 08:24:33 PM »
Just to claify the above post it's not fuel level % it fuel level gallons.

General Discussion / Fuel Level, DTE, and general questions
« on: March 28, 2012, 06:21:53 PM »
So happy I purchased this little gem, the LCD screen is so much better than the competition I reviewed, so far no doubts but I do have some questions.

I have a 2012 Dodge Caliber that has a 13.6 Gallon Fuel Tank.   It has a fuel sensor and I have Ultraguage set on Enabled (also tried smart).   I've configured my engine and fuel tank size in Ultraguage.

1) The Fuel Level % never registers correctly with the car even when shutting down and restarting the engine and waiting 30 seconds on a level surface.  UltraGuage always reports a higher fuel level remaining than was actual (I know this cause I drove it out of gas today on purpose ;D)  Even though my remaining fuel level was 2.87 and sometimes 1.97 gallons (false) on the way home I got a two nifty alerts that remaining fuel level was .60 and miles till empty was 15.5.  At that point back on the first main screen reported my fuel level at 1.97 gallons.  I kept driving.   Next I start getting alerts that 0.0 gallons remain and 0 miles till empty and this time on screen 1 fuel level is 0 gallons.   I drive this way approx another 25 miles.  So now I ask how how accurate is the fuel level % guage and why was it reported higher than it was even though I had alerts going off reporting .60 gallons left 15.5 miles remaing on 1.97 gallons with an average mpg of 22. 

2) I had a gallon of gas in the back for this momentous occasion of running the car of out fuel (again on purpose), used it to get to the gas station and fill up the tank.   12.96 gallons in + about 3/4 of the gallon of gas from the portable tank in the back - so I estimate around 13.9 gallons filled up (close enough to fuel tank size of 13.6 considering I used all fuel in the injector, line, and engine).   Starting Ultraguage I'm told fuel level is 12.5 gallons (I know that's not right).  Let it sit in the garage and restared the engine still stuck on 12.5 gallons for fuel level.

So what if anything can I do to get a more accurate fuel level?

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