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Many of the newer vehicles have onboard Bluetooth now , so does that make this less useful than the hardwired unit when you want to monitor the gauges while driving as opposed to just recording MPG data ? I was considering getting this until I realized the phone would already be tied up with the Bluetooth connection to the car . Possibly as an alternative a old smartphone could be used as a dedicated display , provided there is no need for cellular connection .

How useful would this be for vehicles that have Bluetooth connection to their phones normally in use while driving for media and phone connections? Is it basically relegated to reading mpg calculations only at the end of the trip with no real-time monitoring if Bluetooth is tied up already by the onboard connection?

I assume it has to be one or the other operating at a time-

Custom Mounting / Re: cutting the ug cable
« on: August 12, 2012, 01:04:56 PM »
It's nice that they listened to the user comments on the original version; the ability to use a gauge on multiple pages was one of the things we wanted, as well as the ability to show single trip data that automatically resets with each ignition cycle.
I'll probably go with the update based on those additions.

How does the HP and torque gauges work?  Are they calculated items based on entry of the maufacturer claimed peak values?

I may make a retrofit circuit for my old UG to automatically switch off the UG power based on the presence of switched power from the OBD-II port; I'm doing that manually now but it gets to be a hassle, and if I accidentally turn it off at the end of the trip before shutting down the engine, the accumulated data from that last trip is not written to flash and gets lost.

General Discussion / Re: 2012 Ford Focus Avaliability
« on: August 12, 2012, 12:52:14 PM »
It appears to have been addressed with the latest model, EM v1.2, which added a battery voltage measurement capability to the UG.  You'll then need to use Mode 3 for the power detection, which results in the UG checking to see if the battery voltage is above or below the 13.2V threshold.
If it's below 13.2, it assumes the car is turned off, as the resting state of car batteries will be below that value.  If it's above 13.2V, then the car is assumed to be running, with the alternator charging the battery.
With the older version of UG I have, I resorted to unplugging it every time I parked, and after that got too annoying, wired in an on/off switch to make sure the UG didn't keep the ECM awake.  It'd be more convenient with the v1.2 scheme, but I've already got two of the older units, so they'll do for now.

General Discussion / Re: Dead Battery Myth!
« on: August 12, 2012, 12:22:15 PM »
I think that addresses the question I had about the difference between the latest update, which essnetially is a hardware change to add battery voltage monitoring capability to the UG.  This voltage reading capability allows the Mode 3 setting of the power on detection to use the characteristic of the alternator charging the battery to a level above 13.2 to determine if the car is parked or not. 

The scheme would have been helpful on both of the cars I reported the issue on, the Mini Cooper and Ford Focus, but they're unable to perform any hardware upgrades on the earlier units without the A/D circuitry, so I'll need to continue with my workaround of using a physical on/off switch to make sure the ECM turns off and goes to sleep when parked.

General Discussion / Re: New gauges w/em upgrade?
« on: August 12, 2012, 11:58:27 AM »
Is there a list detailing the differences between the EM pre-1.2 and the EM v1.2?
Aside from the ability to read UG voltage, what else would be gained?

Just got back here after a long while after seeing a notification that topics have been deleted; just found out now there's been an upgrade-
Good to see the suggestions for single trip gauges and multiscreen gauge configuration has been implemented.
I'll have to look into getting an upgrade; however, I've added an on/off switch to my 'classic' units to address the issues I had where it was keeping the ECM awake and draining the battery when parked.  I need to know if this will prevent  me from sending them in for the upgrade.

Are the same units returned to the customer or do they simply get exchanged in the process?

Does the "EM" stand for anything in the name, or is it just a convenient model designation?

Custom Mounting / Re: Any true custom installs?
« on: April 22, 2011, 11:35:01 AM »
I wouldn't remove it from the case if that's what you were planning.
You could always flush mount it with a soft attachment to allow it to move enough to push the buttons.
You'd need to add button extensions on the back so that pushing on the front corners of the unit will actuate the buttons, because they probably won't reach if you use something like the supplied velcro to attach it.

If you go with a rigid mount then you'd have to actually crack open the unit to get access to the button contacts so you can wire in external buttons.

General Discussion / Re: Review: UG in 1996 Mazda Protege
« on: December 20, 2010, 05:25:37 PM »
Adopting a driving style like grandma probably produces the best MPG, slow acceleration, lower highway speeds, less fun.
Also pretending you have no brakes will help a lot towards the best MPG goal, by not accelerating hard up to each stop light and backing off the gas well in advance of the next stop.  Of course then you wouldn't want to draft trucks, because that wouldn't be safe, although it makes for pretty astounding differences in the instantaneous MPG readings.  Boxy cars vs. aerodynamic ones exaggerate the benefits.

General Discussion / Dead battery event - Mini Cooper
« on: December 20, 2010, 05:16:39 PM »
Said Mini Cooper had a no start condition due to the battery being drained; I need to investigate further to determine if the UG was responsible, but this did happen shortly after its installation, where there was no issues before.

If I get the chance, I intend to put an ammeter inline with the battery and monitor the current draw both with and without the UG installed to know for sure.
For now, I've unplugged it, as it's a friend's car and not mine.
Is there any information on how it can be more easily determined if the UG is keeping the ECM from going into sleep mode?  I did set the mode on the UG so that the display turns off when the engine is turned off, but that may not assure that the ECM is turning off properly.

As noted in my earlier post, in default mode configuration, the UG continued displaying several data streams even though the car was turned off, which I found unusual.  I hoped the UG configuration to turn off the display took care of things, but this is something I'll need to confirm with an actual ignition off current draw measurement.  Hopefully it was due to something else that was left on, but according to my friend, it wasn't the case. 
Stay tuned, but be careful to monitor the battery levels in the specific case of the Mini.

General Discussion / Re: Dead Battery Myth!
« on: December 15, 2010, 11:45:51 PM »
I just put one into a Mini Cooper, and found that it needed the turn off option to be set to 3.  With any other setting, it wouldn't shut down after the ignition was turned off.
Interestingly, with the ignition turned off, several gauges would continue reading instead of showing Err, as they normally would when communication is lost.  I could read battery voltage, among others, even with the ignition off.  This apparently kept the UG alive and on.
Setting it to the option 3 worked, and it shut off as soon as the ignition was turned off.

General Discussion / Re: Dead Battery Myth!
« on: November 23, 2010, 07:58:15 AM »
Thus the conclusion can be made, if you have a vehicle with a dirty throttle body that sticks open or a cold throttle body that sticks slightly open, you UG will not shut off and could potentially drain your battery!
I'd only come to that conclusion if you simulate this by simply holding the throttle down while shutting off the car, and seeing that the UG does in fact remain on.  Does it? 
I'd be more inclined to think the throttle position reading is a side effect rather than the cause, but it's easy enough to verify.

General Discussion / Re: Calibration
« on: October 28, 2010, 05:46:48 PM »
That's the part that's odd, at the default calibration factor of 1.000, the car's odometer doesn't match the UG reading, despite using the same source.  As you indicated, the manual said it doesn't make sense to calibrate using the car's odometer, because they're using the same source.
However, I see a drift as I go along, and when entering the car odometer reading into the cal screen, it results in a cal factor of about 1.007.  I thought it was attributable to the round off error in converting from metric to US miles, as mentioned before. 

General Discussion / Re: Calibration
« on: October 28, 2010, 12:02:33 AM »
For example, let say the distance is off by 1%.  It reports ~99 miles when it should be 100.  Just add ~1% to whatever the trip distance is.  So if the trip distance reads 10 miles, you would enter in 10.1. and the calibration factor displayed would read "1.01". 

So if I'm looking to just get the values from the car odometer  to match the UG reading, I should set it higher by the percentage that it's off, rather than the target value?  In the above example of 10 miles trip distance, is that the UG reading you're referring to, with actual miles being 10.1?
 It doesn't seem like there's any need to do any calculations but instead just set it to whatever the actual miles is.
If the car odometer (and let's assume that's the actual mileage for now) reads 100 miles, and the UG read 99.3 miles, then I enter the calibration miles to 100 miles, which would be  UG reading +0.7%.  The percentage calculation is taken care of just by entry of the target-
We're not supposed to try adjusting the calibration factor, but only enter the actual miles traveled, and the UG then displays the cal factor, correct?

General Discussion / Re: Calibration
« on: October 19, 2010, 10:30:44 AM »
Thanks, that was how I was hoping it was handled- so my mid trip tweaking should yield the same result as if I waited until the full trip.  Perfect!

General Discussion / Re: Calibration
« on: October 18, 2010, 11:41:16 PM »
When doing a distance calibration, can the values be adjusted in the middle of a trip cycle, i.e. without resetting the trip mileage?
I wasn't planning on resetting the trip until the next fillup of the tank,  but I've been seeing the trip mileage diverge slightly from the reading on the car's odometer, so I went into the calibration menu to resynchronize the numbers.  However, I can't seem to get it really exact, with the numbers still diverging slightly one way or the other. 
Is it valid procedure to do the calibration without resetting the trip?  Does the updated cal multiplier work off the trip totals, or does it affect only the miles added on from that point?  If it doesn't work off the total, then I'll have stop messing with it until I'm ready to actually reset the trip numbers.

General Discussion / Re: Vehicle Look-up Utility
« on: October 17, 2010, 12:26:48 PM »
This from the instruction manual, which I didn't notice-
Trouble Codes ..
In order to read or clear the trouble codes, the engine does not need to be running, but the ignition must be in the run position and it
must stay in this position.

That was the problem; works fine when the instructions are followed- :)

I made the wrong assumption that all the screens in the menu options could be run in the power off mode.

General Discussion / Re: Calibration
« on: October 17, 2010, 09:51:56 AM »
Makes sense, with the metric values from the OBD port being converted to US units, there may  be some minor rounding off for the accumulated numbers.  If it were displayed in metric units, then it would have been exact. Even if it had switchable metric/Imperial display, I would set it to display in miles, so it's good-

General Discussion / Re: Calibration
« on: October 17, 2010, 02:07:57 AM »
The manual noted that it's pointless to calibrate distance using the stock odometer because it uses the same sensor, but it look like I need a calibration factor of 1.007 for the UG to match the digital trip meter.

Is there any conversion calculations on the data the UG gets through the OBD-II port that causes it to read slightly different from the onboard display?

General Discussion / Re: Vehicle Look-up Utility
« on: October 17, 2010, 01:56:28 AM »
Is there any way to possibly add notes on the functionality of the Ultra Gauge on the entered vehicle?

It might be helpful for someone to know whether trouble codes are supported or not on a particular vehicle.

It was odd that it's not supported on a Focus, despite it having 51 gauges available through the CAN 11 bit bus.
Not a real critical function for me because I have a scan tool for the purpose, just surprising that it would not be able to read trouble codes.

The gauge availability estimator doesn't mention the capability, as it's not actually a gauge, so there's no indication if it's able to act as a trouble code reader.

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