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Thank you very much for the link.

I havenīt found that information on your website - and I looked around quite a time.

Tomorrow I will search for that kind of sticker in my car and hopefully I will find the "ODB II certified" print.
I know that other drivers of this car use the ELM327 bluetooth-ODB together with an  cellphone but I donīt want to use my cellphone for that.

Will post result of search tomorrow.

I find that the UltraGauge is one of the most interesting tools - not just considering the price.

One might return it, if it is not compatible with ones car but this would be very expensive for me as I would order it from Germany.

Therefore I would like to know in advance, if it is compatible with a European (German) Renault Twingo 1.2 out of 2003.

As Iīm member of several Clubs related to this model Iīm sure that one or the other driver of this car would love to have one too if he sees it in my car as this car has no "board computer" to show any of the information UltraGauge would.

Looking forward to hearing from your experiences on this make and model.

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