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just sent the gauge back for a refund, tired of messing with it .

that's a shame-
I read and studied the manual before the UGEM got to me-
I have liked everything from-
1-hearing about this superb product from knowing users
2-the ease of setup
3-the details of what it does to a driver who knows what the gauge is for

so much so that the rebate isn't important

have a nice day
good for you , you can keep it  .I like you read the manual also before buying the product, it turned out to be more of a pain dialing it in , so i sent it back.

just sent the gauge back for a refund, tired of messing with it .

MAP sensor controlled .Engine is set to 1.6l fuel tank is 11.0, VE Adaptive Volumetric Efficiency has been enabled, Torque setting is 106 ft lbs @3000 rpm, Calibrate Fuel/MPG will not let me adjust it.VE RPM is set at 3000 as for the tires they are stock and do not see anywhere on the gauge where you can adjust them


Yes I have the stock wheels and tires, when I do the MPG adjustment its says it "cannot adjust". Where is the option for the tire size adjustment on ultra gauge?

yes i did , i set the tank size to 11.0 gal and the engine to 1.6 L . I do not know why its so far off.  I even went through the manual and did the set up for the MAP sensor which is what i have thats doing the calculating for the Ultra gauge. I set up the peak torque level at 106 ft lbs. I heard the MAP sensor is the least accurate form of calculating, so I dont know what s up

Just got this in the mail today hooked it up to the obd2 it found 46/82 gauges , turns out it cant detect my fuel sensor which i do have. Anyway i adjusted everything to the MAP sensor settings and the peak rpm settings since thats what its auto tuned to  ,its calculating the MPGs from the MAP and i was getting readings from 50 mpgs on up  now that thats off the scale my 2003 should get around 34 mpg . Going at a steady 55 mph on the freeway the gauges instant mpg was 58 mpg and the average was  49 and I know thats not accurate , thats better then my sisters hybrid so i dont know whats up. ???

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