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I don't come to this forum very often and just saw your post.   I've connected via bluetooth to the Ultragauge  Blue and to the vehicle at the same time to stream music.  The latest Google OS Pie allows 5 bluetooth connections at the same time with a single device. 

Hope this isn't to late to help, good luck.

I'm really surprised at the lack of activity in this forum.  If I was looking to purchase a new Ultra Gauge and came to this forum, I would start  looking for something else.

I made a post back in February that is still waiting for moderator approval before it's posted here for everyone to see. 

Good luck to you..

 Anndroid 7.1.1.  Sorry I wasn't clear in my post.   Anndroid 7.1.2 preview has been released for some devices.  Seems if I spell AnnDroid correctly the word is removed from my post.

Will the Ultra Gauge to be updated to work with  7XX?

How can I add transmission temperature for 2013 Toyota Tacoma?  Setting up custom gauges it fails when testing.   

General Discussion / 2003 Honda Hybrid
« on: February 06, 2011, 12:02:00 AM »
A friend would have ordered the UG but didn't find his engine listed.  Anyone know if the UG works with an 03 Honda Hybrid?

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