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Custom Mounting / Re: Mirror LCD
« on: July 15, 2015, 05:18:42 PM »
There are no plans for any such work.   Please assume it will not happen.

Custom Mounting / Re: Mirror LCD
« on: July 13, 2015, 10:40:45 PM »
It would require some software changes.  There as been next to no demand for this, so we have never put any energy into looking at what it would take.

Search forums specific to your vehicle to find codes

The codes that you provided are not CAN, they are ISO-9141.   In the USA, all vehicles manufactured since 2008 are CAN

Please not that the MX product page specifically warns that 9141 and KWP protocols are not supported for Mgauges.
Your VW uses 9141.

The code provided is the standard code to access engine coolant temperature.
However, it may be that the vehicle is responding with a multiframe response or multi-ECU responses.

We can try to  make this work, try:
TDATA: 686AF10105
MATCH: 1A4105
RPOS  2808
RCTRL: 32   (if it does not work, try 33)
Output Format:00

The code provided is for Coolant temperature, not transmission temperature.

Okay, so the MX 1.3 doesn't have all the features of the EM Plus?
The Plus has additional Performance and Emissions features that the EM 1.2 and MX do not have.


The code you have listed is that for the standard OBDII engine coolant temperature

If you do not use the MX Mgauge feature, then it will be have just like a Ultragauge V1.2.

It depends on the protocol and on the code.   Post them

The Xgauge code can be converted and used on the UG MX.
When purchased, the MX comes with programming instructions.

My '04 Explorer is 11-bit CAN.  What does the (~2008+) Ford CAN preprogrammed mean.
With (~) are you indicating that pre 2008 CAN (even 11-bit CAN) will work?

I'm interested in the Trans temp functionality.

I know when my OBDII scanner is plugged in, that I can read Trans temp.
Ford began introducing CAN in its vehicles around 2004, but Ford did not fully have all their vehicles switched to CAN until 2008.   ~=approximately.   select that option if you have CAN


If you know the code, then the UG MX can read the parameter

Pre-programming is just for convenience.  Despite pre-programming all UG MX are identical and can be reprogrammed for any vehicle.  If the Mgauge feature is not used, then programming is a don't care and the gauge can be installed in any vehicle.

See detailed information

If your vehicle uses 9141, then the manufacturer gauges are likely not accessible via the standard OBDII and the EM Plus is likely a better choice.
If your vehicle uses CAN, then the Tacoma option or any of the CAN options is a good starting point.

General MX FAQ:

If the manufacturer codes are known & available for your specific year, make, model and engine size, then the MX can be programmed with those codes.

It is user programmable and is meant for those that are very comfortable with technology.  There is no USB port.
It is programmable via its user interface.

The MX is completely programmable.  If you know the code for amperage, then the code can be programmed into the MX.

The MX can access manufacturer specific parameters, but only if you know the codes for the parameter for your specific year, make, model and engine size.    Manufacturers don't make codes public.  But there is always some die hard user that goes through the effort of reverse engineering the codes.   The best place to find such codes is on a forum specific to your vehicle.

I recommend you search the Tacoma World Forum for information on the codes for your specific vehicle.  There have been quite a few Tacoma owners that have purchased the MX.

The MX can access manufacturer specific parameters like Trans temp, but only if you know the code for your vehicle.  The best way to find the codes is to search vehicle specific forums.

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