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Ultragauge MX - Manufacturer specific gauges / GM Preprogrammed Perimeters
« Last post by Ctlucas93 on January 22, 2017, 08:59:28 PM »
Does anyone have the default GM gauge codes for the MX? I bought mine programmed for Ford but have since sold that truck and aquired an 04 silverado 1500 with the 5.3.
What is 7xx ?
Ultragauge MX - Manufacturer specific gauges / Re: Help with Isuzu transmission temp
« Last post by jet on January 14, 2017, 11:40:44 PM »
Got this working
How to get rid of excess zeros and decimal point

Getting numbers like 71.000, 72.000 etc
Will the Ultra Gauge to be updated to work with  7XX?
From the Blue Manual (

The UltraGauge Blue Adapter can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. It will scan and detect the protocol of the target vehicle along with a unique tag to identify the vehicle (this tag will be the VIN number if the reading the VIN is supported on this vehicle).  UltraGauge Blue accumulates distance and fuel usage data per vehicle.
UltraGauge Blue will persistently store data for a single main vehicle. This includes both gathered data (like run time and distance) as well as vehicle specific configuration (such as distance calibration). This allows for:
  • Storing persistent info for your main Vehicle
  • Using UltraGauge Blue to troubleshoot other vehicles. This could be for things like reading trouble codes or checking out emissions readiness on another vehicle

How it works
When the UltraGauge Blue Adapter powers up, it will read the vehicle’s unique Tag and do the following:
  • If the Tag corresponds to the main stored configuration, UltraGauge Blue will load the stored data and start.
  • If the Tag does not exist on UltraGauge Blue, and if there has never been a tag stored, it will store this Tag as the unique Tag for the main vehicle, and start.
  • If the Tag does not exist on UltraGauge Blue, and there is another Tag already stored as the main vehicle, it will start running without loading the stored data. This allows all UltraGauge information to be valid for the current ignition cycle. However, this info will not be stored persistently unless the user selects the current vehicle as the main vehicle from the UltraGauge Application.
Note: The UltraGauge Blue Mobile Application will allow you to view the main vehicle and current running vehicle
(running vehicle shown if different than main vehicle) and specify which vehicle will be stored as the main vehicle. If
no vehicle has been specified as the main vehicle, then the first vehicle discovered will become the main vehicle.

This allows 1 vehicle to be persistent (regardless of the Adapter being unplugged from a given vehicle).
I found what triggers problem 2 on my Huawei  Smart Phone.

- Make sure Gauge Page Orientantion is set to Auto.
- Make sure the Phone Auto Rotate is off.
- Fire up Ultra Gauge and hold phone horizontally.
- Double tap on a gauge to open the edit screen.
- Exit the edit screen.
UltraGauge Blue Bluetooth OBDII Adapter & Application / Re: UG Blue Sharing - 2 Vehicles
« Last post by DenCon on September 30, 2016, 08:59:03 PM »
Just noticed the updated (was published last week) that takes care of this issue.

Thanks !
Today it happened again. I will stop using the app and change back to the old classic original ultra-gauge.

I case I can to anything to help get more information on this bug please let me know.
UltraGauge Blue Bluetooth OBDII Adapter & Application / UG Blue Sharing - 2 Vehicles
« Last post by DenCon on August 16, 2016, 07:39:22 AM »
Occasionally I have to clear the CEL on my wife's VW Beetle. Can I share my single UGB to do this? I can only see a "delete vehicle" option, which I don't want to do (with my daily).
It's hard to justify the cost of a second transceiver for this task.
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