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-- BUMP --
I think this app needs a lock that prevents the user from changes. i have two reason to request that.

1) It is way to easy to move the gauges around. One false, or too slow, finger movement on the screens and the position of the gauges is messed up. I do not have an image to illusdtrate this but I think the request is clear.

2) The other day the mess was even bigger than just one gauge changing location. Everything has moved up. Please note the initial design and the messed up design below.  I hope it will not happen again. Perhaps the lock feature I mentioned could also prevent this from happening again.

Will the UG detect Transmission Temp on a 2105 Subaru Forester XT Touring?
I am not aware there has been an update, but since yesterday the comma issue seems to have disappeared .....

There are no plans at this time for a separate WEB app (although that is a cool idea).  Presently, the Gauge Layouts can only be created via the App itself.  They can be saved to the user account, or made available to share with others.  At this point, we are continuing to refine the App to make it easier to configure, and to provide more flexibility in what can be configured.
On the Playstore, it lists a section called "What's New".  For example, for this last release (Version 1.18):


- Improved Gauge Customization by allowing any image (jpg/png) to be used as any Gauge Background.
- Allow making Gauge ticks/scale visible/invisible
- Fixed case where General Trip Fuel Cost and General Trip Fuel Used were incorrect after doing a “Reset Average MPG”
You are correct, and this will be resolved in version 1.19.  Sorry for the inconvenience!!!
Since the latest Anndroid update the comma is being displayed, even when decimal places is set to zero.

Screenshot of the comma issue........

The decimal places is set to 0 .......

So no need to display the comma at all.

Also note thatg the box for the cool new background-image option is too far to the left.....

I just noticed there is a new version for Annndroid.  What new features or bug-fixes have been included ?


-- a small test ---

Test 0 x n = Adroid
Test 1 x n =
Test 2 x n = Anndroid
Test 3 x n = Annndroid

As one can see it is not allowed to use the wor a n d r o i d
It seems that the software of this forum deletes the word  Annndroid , unless it is spelled incorrectly.

To make thing clear, I was referring to the Aanndroid version of the app.
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