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Are their any plans to develop a web application that would allow an account holder to create gauge layouts to save to their account and download to their mobile device?  I believe this would be a great tool for people to use to try different colors, backgrounds, layouts, what works and what doesn't, etc...
Can I get the transmission temperature for a VW Eurovan?

I would buy the gauge, if I know for sure that I can display this parameter.
UltraGauge Blue Bluetooth OBDII Adapter & Application / New Blue App for
« Last post by Blue on June 04, 2016, 08:00:29 AM »
Do you have any information when it will be released and what new features will be included in the new  Blue app ?

I'm using UGB on a 2015 Coachman Prism on an MB Sprinter chassis with a 6-cyl diesel engine.

The UGB works OK .... sort of.  I can set about 15 working gauges out of more than a hundred the UGB setup reports are available. Fortunately, the 15 that I do get are important ones. The setup for auto UGB power-on with engine start, and auto (power save off) with engine shut down is tricky.

Oh, I'm using an  tablet for display. The Bluetooth UGB-tablet link was easily established.
I have an EM plus V1.2 in our 2006 Jaguar Super V8 and would like to know if this car, built while Ford owned Jaguar, would benefit from the MX version Ultragauge.  It is not on the list for MX preprogrammed cars but there are several Fords listed there.  The engine is a 4.2 liter supercharged V8 and the protocol as listed on the EM Plus setup is 11-Bit CAN.

Does anyone know if there are any useful gauges available on the MX for this vehicle?  I'd especially like to know if there are any air suspension codes or information on the same system as that used by Ford in the Lincoln MKZ.  I need another Ultragauge for another car and would buy the MX and swap it with the EM Plus if there are advantages for the jaguar; otherwise I'll just buy another EM Plus.
UltraGauge Blue Bluetooth OBDII Adapter & Application / Re: Small typo
« Last post by Blue on May 17, 2016, 10:25:24 AM »
Great !

Do you have any additional info what new features will be included in the next release ?

Thank you.  Good news.

If you set the Max value on the Graph's Edit Gauge screen to 1.2, that should be the max value it shoes.  Can you show a screenshot and let me know the App version you are using?

It always seems to be 0-4 even though the Y max is set to 1.27 or 1.0 or whatever.  Never changes the graph.  See the pictures:

You are correct (but you already knew that:).  On the current versions of UltraGauge for Apple, the Max was always being set to a value 3 above the max value you set.  This will be addressed in version 1.2.7 (and later versions) of the Apple App.  Sorry for the issue, but thanks for continuing to provide the detailed info to help track this one down!!!
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