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UltraGauge Blue Bluetooth OBDII Adapter & Application / Re: Guage auto scroll
« Last post by BlueSupport on March 04, 2016, 05:23:14 PM »
Auto Page Advance is now Supported on UltraGauge Blue.  It can be enabled/disabled by going here:
     Settings->UltraGauge Settings->General Settings->Auto Page Advance

Once enabled, tapping on an active Gauge Page will stop auto-advancing, and swiping left or right will cause it to Auto Advance once again.

Added in the following versions:
- Androi.d: Version 1.11
- Apple:     Version 1.2.1
Anything admin? I've searched the forums for hours and come up empty. 
I found this on page 48 "Restore factory default settings SettingsUltraGauge SettingsRestore factory default settings
Restores all internal and configurable settings back to the factory defaults. Restoring all defaults should be used with
care as it restores all configuration such as Calibration, Gauge selection, Alarms settings, display settings, as well as all
accumulated MPG, MPH, Time, and Distance. This function is a global restore. There are generally individual restores
or resets for various functions which should always be used first to correct suspected issues. This can be considered the
global “Reset” of UltraGauge.
For Apple, the user should re-install the application for a Factory Reset to take place for the UltraGauge Application."

but do I also have to reset the adapter?  I did the above "reset to factory" but now says that i am getting 1L/100km! lol

How do restore everything?
UltraGauge Blue Bluetooth OBDII Adapter & Application / Need to reset Blue to factory
« Last post by Mcgyver on February 26, 2016, 11:41:10 AM »
Can't find this anywhere in the
Looking for the MGauge values for a 2004 Toyota 4Runner V8 running on ISO. 

The XGuage users have said works is:

TXD: 686AF101B4
RXF: 044105B40000
RXD: 2808
MTH: 00090005FFD8

How do I convert this to MGauge?

I have the ultra blue  In 200 TTD. I have tried putting in codes for trans temp on IPhone app. I go to custom gauge. Then type in info from lcool site for trans temp but cannot find a line for X: 0001 /: 0100 +: FFD8

And left/Right: 32


I'm just now setting up and trying out a new Ultragauge Blue on my 2015 Mercedes Benz Sprinter based motor home using an  tablet.

While the UGBlue app gauges that came up listed during the installation include (Engine) oil temperature, and I can add that gauge to a page, the gauge briefly show a reasonable oil  temperature, then very quickly shows 32 deg f constantly even with an outside temp of 60 deg f and a warmed up engine.

Why is this gauge stuck at 32 deg f? Another included gauge (don't recall just which one) is stuck at full scale. Many of the other gauges I have tried seem OK.

What to do? Should I try to add the oil gauge manually? If so, where can I find the PID data for that ??


I'm having the exact problem (I'm using the  Blue app)!

Ultragauge's gauge list shows oil temp as a usable gauge for our 2015 Sprinter based motorhome (mine is a Coachman Prism).

I don't see any asteriks for the oil temp gauge, so it should work, but mine too is stuck at 32 deg F.
after a very brief much higher reading.

I think there could be an error in Ultragauge's PID for our MBenz's Sprinter oil temp. I can't seem to find that PID and don't know how to get my app toactually display/edit PIDs for the suggested 'usable' gauges.

Have you made any progress?

Giday Scottk log on to the landcruiser owners site in Aus.
There are 2 Automatic Transmission Temperature probes and they both give a different temperature reading as they are situated in different areas of the box.

The 1 we are interested in is the TFT # 2 sensor as this gives the higher temperature reading of the the 2 probes.

Transmission Temp #1 (*C)
Abbr1: TFT    Abbr2: 1*C
TDATA: 07E121D9000000
TCTRL: 92     RCTRL: 10
RPOS: 0810    MTCH: 210000
X: 0001 /: 0100 +: FFD8
Out Format: 00    Ave: 00
Left/Right: 32

Transmission Temp #2 (*C)
Abbr1: TFT    Abbr2: 2*C
TDATA: 07E121D9000000
TCTRL: 92     RCTRL: 10
RPOS: 1810    MTCH: 210000
X: 0001 /: 0100 +: FFD8
Out Format: 00    Ave: 00
Left/Right: 32

The LCOOL board doesn't like the degree symbol so have used * in its place. You can also name them whatever you want in the Abbr1 and Abbr2.

The above is my naming convention as I was testing both probes to see what readings I get and the relationship they have during different conditions. TFT is Transmission Fluid Temperature
Hope this helps cruiser200ttd
In going through the ordering process I don't know which 'Preprogramming Option' to select. The order demands I make a selection. Please advise.
When adding Gauges, a list view is shown of all the potential gauges which can be added to the screen.  This list "will" include gauges which may or may not be supported by the current vehicle.  As per the manual:

"Once the gauge type has been selected, an expandable list of all of the potential gauges will be displayed (Note: those marked with an asterisk are not supported by the current vehicle)."

Please verify that the Engine Oil Temp gauge is valid for your vehicle.  You can do this by checking for the asterisk (as stated above), or by going to the Vehicle Info screen (From the Gauge Page, select the Vehicle name in the upper right corner) and clicking on the "# Gauges" button.  On the "# Gauges" list, only those supported by this vehicle will be listed.

Note: the reason that supported and un-supported gauges are listed is that the UltraGauge App has the ability to connect to more than one Blue Module which could be in different vehicles which support different gauges.
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