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Here's my recommendation:

1) Go to the Vehicle Info screen by clicking on the text in top right corner of the title bar on the Gauge Page
- Make sure the VIN is populated on this page
- Click on the Cloud Download icon at the top
(Note: the first time you perform a cloud operation, the App will prompt you for the email/password you used when purchasing UltraGauge Blue. This is to allow the App to uniquely store your info)
- This will cause the App to attempt to download vehicle parameters
- Make sure the following fields are filled in (if not done
automatically, then enter them manually:
- Year/Make/Model/Engine Size/Gas vs Diesel/Tank Size
- Hit the Cloud Upload button to save all parameters to the cloud

2) Add/Remove/Modify the gauges you want
- To Add a gauge, just do a long-press on the Gauge Page background. At this point, the App will walk you through selecting the gauge type you like (Analog/Digital/...) and the specific vehicle gauge you want.
- To Remove a gauge, just long-press on the gauge, and drag it to the trash can which will appear on the bottom of the screen
- To Move a gauge, just long-press and drag where you want it to go
- To Re-size a gauge, just pinch/zoom on a gauge
- Note: Additional tweaking of the gauges can be done by double-tapping on a specific gauge.

3) The WWW Download of gauges will attempt to find other gauges which are specific to your vehicle. In short, the default gauges already loaded are standard OBDII gauges which may be supported by your vehicle. The WWW Download, looks for Manufacturer specific gauges.
If the WWW Download finds any gauges, they will be listed after they are found. If you would like to use any of these gauges, you must first do a TEST to verify they work on your vehicle (this is necessary due to the fact that Manufacturers change the gauges/gauge locations over time on different vehicles. This step will make sure they actually work for your specific vehicle.
To test them, select the WWW Gauge, then click on the Vehicle Icon at the top of the screen. On the Pop-up screen, click the button to test it against your vehicle. If it is successful, and the reported values look right, you can then click the button to make this Gauge valid for your vehicle. At this point, it will show up just like any other gauge.
During my install, UGBlue read my VIN and put a couple gauges on 1 or 2 screens. The installation also displayed a categorized report for the number of gauges available together with gauges that aren't available.

How do I add the gauges to my screens the report says are available but weren't added to screens during installation? Do I need perform a WWW download to get gauges my install report said are available?

As UG newby,  I'm confused.
I'm just now setting up and trying out a new Ultragauge Blue on my 2015 Mercedes Benz Sprinter based motor home using an  tablet.

While the UGBlue app gauges that came up listed during the installation include (Engine) oil temperature, and I can add that gauge to a page, the gauge briefly show a reasonable oil  temperature, then very quickly shows 32 deg f constantly even with an outside temp of 60 deg f and a warmed up engine.

Why is this gauge stuck at 32 deg f? Another included gauge (don't recall just which one) is stuck at full scale. Many of the other gauges I have tried seem OK.

What to do? Should I try to add the oil gauge manually? If so, where can I find the PID data for that ??
UltraGauge Blue Bluetooth OBDII Adapter & Application / Re: Cloud
« Last post by BlueSupport on February 02, 2016, 03:18:24 PM »
On the Vehicle Info page, if you hit cloud download, UltraGauge will attempt to populate the vehicle info based on your VIN.
If you hit cloud upload, it will store the vehicle info you have on this screen to the cloud (based n the VIN).  After you upload, future cloud downloads will retrieve the info you saved for the given VIN (it essentially acts like backup/restore).
If you decide you want to remove the info you stored in the cloud for a given VIN, then hit the cloud delete icon.
UltraGauge Blue Bluetooth OBDII Adapter & Application / Cloud
« Last post by paul on February 01, 2016, 03:47:25 PM »
What does the cloud do for download and upload.
I had manually install mine,i have a Mazda bt-50 3.2l 5 cylinder diesel.
The Mobile device need not be connected or present.  The UltraGauge Blue Adapter will capture and store data autonomously.   All data will be available to the mobile device upon its next connection to the Adapter
I wasn't able to find this in the manual.  Does the smartphone need to be connected to keep track of things like the mileage and DTE (distance till empty)  or is that info contained in the ODBII module until the next bluetooth connection with the smartphone?
UltraGauge Blue Bluetooth OBDII Adapter & Application / Re: Can it graph/datalog ?
« Last post by danny318 on January 21, 2016, 09:32:28 PM »
That would be an excellent feature if it could do that.  O2 vs RPM would be best.  Others would be great too.

Also The scaling should be adjustable so the graph is readable in the useful data range. 
You can create an account by going to the link below:

And filling in the login info.

Once done, you can use this login/password on the UltraGauge App for Cloud accesses.
Once paired, and with the Adapter active, you can go into the UltrgGauge App and select which Blue Adapter/Vehicle you want by following these steps:

- Select the Bluetooth Icon in the Title bar at the top of the Gauge Page
- Near the top is a Blue box which lists a Blue Adapter.  If you click on the blue box, it will provide a pull-down list of all Blue Adapters which are currently paired via Bluetooth to your Androi.d Mobile Device.  In your case, you should see the 2 Blue Adapters with which you have paired.
- Select the Blue Adapter with which you wish to connect (in this case the new one).  The App will then attempt to connect to this Adapter and retrieve the vehicle info (Note: In the "Blue Box" will be the name of the Adapter, and, if this Adapter has been previously connected to by the App, it will also include the name of the last vehicle connected with this Blue Adapter).  You will see the progress of the connection on this screen (i.e. should show:
- Bluetooth connection status
- OBDII protocol discovered
- Info derived from the VIN if VIN can be pulled via OBDII on your vehicle
- Gauges discovered (will increment count as gauges are discovered)
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