Author Topic: Using ultragauge in the UK and MPG.. UK Imperial gallon verses US Gallon  (Read 9116 times)

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I live in the UK and at the price of fuel over here (6 uk pounds and 22pence  for a uk gallon on 28th April11) I have really bought the ultra gauge  to try and improve the MPG on my Smart, currently 55 MPG.
It occured to me that the unit is calbrated for the USA so it must be calibrated for use on the US gallon, now in the UK we use the Imperial gallon which is bigger than a US gallon, so that will screw up the calibrations, or will it ?
if i always tell the ultragauge  the quantity of petrol i put in the tank is in "gallons" how will it know they are imperial gallons?, because 1 gallon unit is a 1 gallon unit surely it doesent matter if its a US Gallon or an Imperial UK Gallon to the ultragauge, or am i wrong ????
does anybody  know ??

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WHen you calibrate, UG does not care what units you use.   If you say there were 5 gallons/liters/quarts what ever, used, then UG will consider the amount of fuel used to be 5.0   These could be Liters, gallons, guarts, imperial gallons, etc.   So in effect you are calibrating the unit as you would expect, but you are also effectively setting the units.   Most users think in terms of US gallons, but UG does not care and if you calibrate using imperial gallons....great.