Author Topic: Perfect Vent and Adhesive Mount  (Read 7911 times)

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Perfect Vent and Adhesive Mount
« on: February 03, 2012, 05:16:11 PM »
Don't really want to use the windshield mount that came with my UG em.  A well made mount but very conspicuous and needs glass to adhere to so it must be above your dash.

Ordered a Verizon Universal Phone Mount...

It PERFECTLY fits out of the box, into the UG slot on the UG mounting bracket if you still want to use it.
But if you use the phone bracket plate (which is only slightly larger than the UG) you can SQUEEZE the corners to advance the UG pages or go to the MENU, just like some have suggested using spacers behind a velcro mount, but this way you don't even need spacers.... works great.

Has a good vent mount bracket option and a much smaller Adhesive mount bracket should you want to try other locations.

It's almost like it was made for the UG.

Verizon sells it for $20 but Amazon has it for around $5...  A perfect alternative!