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How I mounted my UG
« on: May 21, 2012, 11:02:48 AM »
My Ultra-Gauge (UG) arrived in the mail this afternoon. As I ordered the unit without the windshield mount, it took me a while to figure out where to put it since it can't use the spot where my ScanGaugeII used to be. Planning, installation, and configuration of the gauges took about an hour and a half.

This is what I had to start with. The fog light switch used to be in the center and I had to move it to the left-most slot to give room for the UG.

Stuck some 3M Dual Lock fasteners (100X better than Velcro) on one of the blanking panel and behind the UG mounting bracket.

Attached the bracket. IMO, it looks better with the release tab at the bottom (upside down)

Mounted the UG on the bracket and powered up (connected to the car's OBD-II/DLC connector)

I routed the cable in a way so it won't get pinched by the door when it is closed. It goes down inside the weather strip, towards the under-dash fuse box, under the steering column, and finally to the DLC connector. Tidied up a bit with a few zip ties.

Close up.

I used a ScanGaugeII for over 3 years and it was starting to show its age, both aesthetically (TBH, it looks more like a science project) and functionally (blue backlight no longer working)

Thanks UG Team!