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just received my Ultragauge EM
« on: June 04, 2012, 07:58:54 PM »
Greetings all;

New to the forum and to Ultragauge. I purchased the gauge for my 2011 Miata GT, prht, auto.
I've been playing with it for the last three hours and thought I'd share my initial thoughts on the unit.

First off, great price and that was the reason I chose this gauge. I was unsure if it and any others were going to do as I wanted
so thought I'd go cheap in case I ended up using it as a trouble code reader only. I want the gauges.....  as an example, my temp.
gauge has lines, but no temperature reference. No voltage gauge, etc..  I had hoped for a minimum of Coolant temp/voltage/timing/oxygen sensor.
Any more choices would have been appreciated. I'm a DIY'r and like as much info. as possible. I do not care about the mileage, etc..

Doing the initial setup, UG showed that there are 61 english gauges, and 101 metric gauges.  WOW I thought..... yahoooo!
Well, I only can see EXACTLY as page 31 of the manual shows..... which is 26 gauges plus the heart and loop on each.
I'm extremely dissapointed in Mazda.  However, why does UG show so many when I can't find them?????
I  did find it interesting that one of the gauges is boost psi and the Miata is NA.  I guess they know I like turbos!

Dislikes of the gauge itself.....
If you wish to mount it in a center console for example, that's one BIG hole that must be cut to get the OBD2 plug in through.... for such a small wire.
Someone needs to connecterize the gauge itself.  Secondly, readout coloring..... I used cellophane, but it leaves much to be desired.
On the positive side, the price was right.

Now that I am a member, I see that there are more categories to research..... maybe I'm missing something and have more options than I am aware of at this point.

Well, this disappointed user is gonna go have a glass of wine.  LATA

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Re: just received my Ultragauge EM
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2012, 02:27:55 PM »
Greetings all;

Day two update and it's a pleasant one!

After not being able to see many engine sensors in yesterdays search, I decided to play with the gauge and install the coolant temp. and some trip info on blank page 5.
Following the manual, once I chose a page, I then went into the actual gauge selection.......  HOLY MOLY, there was exactly what I wanted.  Battery voltage, 02 sensor,
timing advance and coolant temps.   I have NO idea why they were not shown in pages one through four, but when selected they appeared on page five. Guess that explains WHY
UG said there were 61/101 gauges................. I am now a happy camper!!!!!  Anyone who has not yet gone into the page/gauge selection mode, I suggest you do so as you may
discover a whole new world. Most of the optional gauges shown on page 18 of the manual were there, just waiting for me to bring them to life!

For UG...... add me to the list of those that would like to see a trans temp gauge.

Damn, now that I have what I wanted.......... I have to fiqure out how to permanently mount the gauge without putting holes in my new ride.  Always something, eh?