Author Topic: New UltraGadge just installed!  (Read 5620 times)

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New UltraGadge just installed!
« on: June 14, 2012, 11:22:50 AM »
First, let me say that this thing is really easy to use and it worked perfectly out of the box. The menus are simple to use during setup so, don't let the online owners manual scare you. I really like that the manual is online because it makes searching for keywords throughout the document very quick and easy. I read the info at my computer and jot down a note of what I have to do at the car. I did print a copy of the manual that I will be keeping in the car for the times I'm on the road. I tried doing the distance calculation last night but without much success. Mileage markers on freeways are NOT 100% accurate! There aren't many straight roads around here because you are always going up hill or down... turning to the left or to the right. If your car has the stock wheel and tire size's that it had when it left the factory, I don't think that 'distance calibration' is really need for a "good" reading. But, after you've filled your tank a few times and have checked your mileage with a calculator (the old fashioned way) and the UG is off a little, you could always try the following. First, drive 3 miles. When you've reached the 3rd mile marker, instead of entering 3.0 miles traveled, you could enter 2.7 miles traveled if your MPG is too high. The opposite would apply if your mileage is too low. Instead of entering 3 miles traveled, you could enter 3.3. You can change the distance traveled by 1/10ths of a mile so the exact number you choose is up to you. I'll let you know if this works for me. Mathematically, it has too! If you do try the steps above, don't forget to re-calibrate your MPG after a few new fill-ups to see if this helps with your MPG's accuracy.;)

Happy Motoring!