Author Topic: 1998 Grand Cherokee UG in Dash Mount with Front Buttons  (Read 14138 times)

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1998 Grand Cherokee UG in Dash Mount with Front Buttons
« on: May 13, 2013, 09:43:14 PM »
In my previous two posts titled "Custom DIY UG Pillar Pod Mount" I had mounted my UG on the A pillar.

This idea has been rolling around in my head since before I installed my Lotek pillar pod and had to abandon any notion of my UG being mounted there as well. I must have spent a full day's worth of time moving the UG in my hand to every conceivable spot in the cabin. Lots of ideas but none realistic or manageable time and labor wise. The sunvisor idea was pretty freaky.

I ultimately took some quick measurements and found that the heated seat switch looked like it would fit the ashtray location. I'm working on finishing that part of the swap now. I have already cut the connectors, lengthened and soldered the harnesses and cut off the mounting tabs on the switch but that's another story.

I decided that the right way to was to build an acrylic plastic box to take the place of the factory switch. The main goal aside from the relocate was to bring the MENU, UP and DOWN scroll buttons on the UG to the front of the panel. I designed a lever system to accomplish this. All the materials are commonly available and I didn't have access to exotic machinery so forgive me if the apparatus is a bit crude. The important thing was the face. buttons and UG screen location on the panel. That's all that's really visible. Rather that making this post a "how to" I'll shut up and just let the photos do the talking. I must say that I'm super pleased with the end result so far. It looks as close to OEM as I would like. I hope you all enjoy the show.