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2002 Ford Focus - two options
« on: June 24, 2013, 08:16:36 AM »
Sometimes a plan comes together so well that you just have to share it!!!

I got my UG as best I can tell about two years ago, but it may well have been longer.

I initially was using the windshield mount with my UG like this:

It worked okay, but the suction cup eventually stopped holding to the window and rust came out of it when I re-attached it.

I could have bought a new suction mount, but I never really liked having the little circle on the windshield that screamed "Steal My GPS!!!"

What I ended up with had been suggested for a Focus GPS mount, and I had tried it previously with a smaller bracket and it didn't work, but I also somewhat just stumbled onto it.

Here is how it ended up:

And here is how I got there:

I was browsing the FiestaFaction forums and someone mentioned a Pro.Clip for the A-pillar mount on the 2011-2014 Fiesta.  This is necessary b/c the Fiesta and Kia Rio lack a coolant temp gauge.  There are similar mounts for the new Kia Rio and the 2011-2013 Kia Forte.  The UG hard surface mount mates perfectly with the Pro-clip mount.

The 2002 Focus A-pillar looks like this (the green lines show wire routing):

I was wanting to make a bracket similar to the Pro.Clip and looked for some sort of sturdy but bendable bracket material at Home Depot and came up with the Simpson Strong-Tie LSTA9 for $0.93.

I bent the tie to an 80-degree angle to make the curve from the rear of the A-pillar to the side, and then another bend to go from the side to the rear of the UG.  But the angle of the A-pillar would have the UG tilted downward at a 45-degree angle.

I thought of shimming the bracket with a piece of wood, or more likely, trimming off the rear A-pillar portion of the bracket and only attaching it to the side with foam tape or similar.

Then I considered mounting it in front of the coin tray (upper) and that worked perfectly.

For those who want to duplicate it, here is a picture of the LSTA9:

The picture would be oriented looking up from the bottom.  The front of the car would be toward the left, the steering wheel (outboard) section of the car is at the top.

You will want to bend the right side of the bracket upward at approximately the location of the red line.

There is a 7mm head sheet metal screw that holds the bezel on right above the coin tray.  You want to remove this as insert it through the red-circled hole and re-attach the screw.

The UG can be passed through beneath the steering column without removing any trim and routed to the bracket location.

I just held the UG in place and used a marker to mark the lower edge of the UG - then removed the bracket and cut a bit above that with tin snips (or a hacksaw).  The green line is approximate for this cut line and may not be to scale.

I used foam tape to hold the UG to the bracket b/c it is cheap and I had some and I have to replace the UG case anyway.  Later I will go back and replace it with Velcro.  I attached the tape to the bracket and then the UG to the tape.

You want to attach the UG to the bracket with the UG turned on as the rotation angle is critical.  I had it turned off at first and had to remove it and re-adjust it.

Finally, some of the white foam tape was visible above the unit, so I covered that with black electrical tape.

Later, I will line the cable up with the seam where the black bezel meets the tan lower surround and scotch-tape it in place.

Once installed, you can rotate the bracket around the screw in order to angle the UG more toward the driver or parallel with the dashboard before tightening the screw.

When finished, the UG is clearly visible while driving, the coin tray is partially obscured (which is a good thing) but still accessible, the UG is NOT clearly visible from outside the car, I can still access the function buttons (which I need to do when I fill the gas tank), and if I ever have to remove the speedometer bezel, I do so the same way as always and the UG is removed also.  Also, if I sell the car, the UG can be removed and the car will look completely stock - just about perfect.

BTW - the UG illumination is light blue and the Focus dash lighting is light green.  The light blue isn't very bothersome, but if you want to change the color - get a book of these: LEE Filters Sampler Book of Gels and Filters | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (not the pocket edition as shown, though) - They used to have them on the site, but it doesn't look like they do anymore - what you are wanting is the designer's edition rectangular swatch book on this page: Resources for LEE Lighting Filters and Gels (what you want is the designer's edition shown with the red pin on this page) - when I got them, they were around $3, but there was a coupon code to get them for $0.01 each (limit 2) and about $5 shipping.

You can pull the plastic pin out of the book and hold the film in front of the UG and try the effect.  I'm sure you can make red work (2012 Rio, 2011-2013 Fiesta), white might be difficult, the 2008-2013 Focus and 2014 Fiesta use blue and should be fine stock.  It makes it a bit harder to see in bright sunlight, but not bad.  Once you have picked out a color, you can cut off the section with the "hole" and it is the perfect size for the UG.

Do NOT try to open the case of the UG. You will break the tiny retaining tabs and void the warranty (but mine still works, and UG sells replacement cases).

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Re: 2002 Ford Focus - two options
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2013, 09:37:53 AM »
In case anyone is wondering, the green Lee Filter I chose for the 2002 Focus was #244 - Lee Plus Green.