The Reward Offer ended on 9/19/15. The offer does not apply to any orders placed after 9/19/15

Rewards must be submitted within 30-days. All rewards not submitted have now expired.

The Reward is not a traditional rebate but rather a discount or reward offered for completing a registration process.  The purpose is to register the product and ensure that UltraGauge customers are aware of key basics regarding warranty, safety and use.   The registration process and reward form generation are available online only

Included in the product box is a yellow insert sheet with an internet address to the reward start page.  Customers that choose to complete the process and receive the reward are presented with a series of pages.   The pages are modified versions of pages taken directly from the user manual.   At the end of each page is a question relating to information on that page.   Once the question is answered correctly, the next page is presented.   The questions are asked to ensure that the pages are not just quickly skipped but are actually read. Upon the completion of the third page, the reward form generator wizard is reached.

The reward form wizard generates and fills in the reward form for you by gathering information about the target vehicle, such as year, make, model, engine size, etc., as well as special information gathered from the UltraGauge device itself.   Once complete, the reward form can be printed, signed and returned, along with a disclaimer form, either via US mail or email.  Please avoid the potential of your reward being lost in the mail, sending via email is highly recommended.

Full instructions are found on the reward form.

This is an example reward form.
A custom reward form is created for each submission.
The reward form can change at any time.

The reward will refunded to the original payment source

Trouble creating the reward submission:
While support is available to assist those that have difficulty using the reward form generator, support is only available to a point.  If you are not able to follow the directions on the reward form generator pages and reward form, and submit more than 4 support ticket messages, the reward will become forfeit.  Please understand that support is very expensive and that the $9 reward is fully consumed when a support ticket is serviced.  99.9% of customers have no issues while completing the reward form.  Look for the (?) help symbols on the reward form to get help filling in each section of the reward form.

Reward Submissions:
We strongly advise that all submissions be made via email.  Avoid the risk of your submission being lost in the US mail.  If submissions are via US mail, be sure to send via regular mail.  Certified mail, signature confirmation, restricted mail & registered mail will not be accepted.
Be sure that you have followed the instructions on the reward form.  Incomplete submission will not be processed and will be forfeit.  When a email submission is made, an auto-response email is sent.  The auto-response email contains the same detail regarding submissions as contained in the reward form.  Please read this email carefully.

If a submission is incomplete, no contact will be made.  It is responsibility of the applicant to submit a complete submission.  Please understand that it cost more than $9 to respond to applicants which submit incomplete submissions.  Hence, incomplete submission are forfeit if after 30-days from the delivery a complete submission, or resubmission is not received.  Resubmission can be made any time within the 30-day window.  The last submission will be used by reward processing.

The Reward does not apply to group buys