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I was hoping I could get some help from experienced users for the above 2016 Australian model Land Cruisers.

I was trying to crack the codes for EGT.  While EGT is not provided on the preMY16 vehicles, it is on the new vehicles due to having DPF. Scangauge have codes listed and they are functioning. There is a thread going on the LCOOL Forum, Trans temp etc has been sorted but we are having no luck with other gauges. I note that on the pre MY16 models, gauges have been resolved for lockup, gear selector, alternator duty ratio etc. Unfortunately these do not transfer over the the MY16 model.

Re EGT - I have tried to determine the UG code from the Scan gauge code (the SG is confirmed as functioning) but no luck on the UG. So far I have tried:

Scangauge (code)        UG (converted code)
TXD: 07DF0178           Tdata: 07DF0178000000
RXF: 054106780000    Mtch: 417800
RXD: 3808                  Rpos: 2808
MTH: 0001000AFFD8   X: 0001 /:000A +:FFD8

UG specific code used with above:
TCtrl: 92
RCtrl: 21
Outformat: 00
Ave: 00
Left/right: 31

I have tried a few other variations of TCtrl, RCtrl and Rpos. All showed Error. I believe the issue may be in the TCtrl or RCtrl code.

Are there any users that either have this working, have experience converting Scangauge codes or have suggestions on what I should try here to resolve the solution for this.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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