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Here is the setup for getting trans temp to work on my 11-bit CAN 2004 Explorer with the 4.6l using the MX Gauge

TDATA: 07E02216740000
TCtrl:93              RCtrl:31
RPos:2010   Mtch:621674
X:0001  /:0008    +:0000
Out Format:00      Ave:00

Alright, I'm a complete donkey, all my questions were on the page for the MX.

"The UltraGauge MX 1.3 is identical to the UltraGauge EM v1.2 except that the MX 1.3 has the ability to POTENTIALLY access manufacturer specific gauges. The best source of gauge codes is on an automotive forum specific to your vehicle."

"All the features of the UltraGauge EM v1.2 will be available in the MX. regardless of protocol."

Thanks for your patience.

Don't abandon me now, we've made such good progress and I feel like we're almost there. :P

FWIW - I'm waiting to order two units. 
I want the new MX capabilities, but not at the cost of losing the EM Plus features.
One of my cars will not be able to use the MX features, but my next car will.

Okay, so the MX 1.3 doesn't have all the features of the EM Plus?

Will the UltraGuage MX 1.3 function the same as the UltraGauge EM Plus?
That is, if the new features of the MX 1.3 aren't available for a vehicle, but the EM Plus does work, will the MX model function as if it's a EM model?

My '04 Explorer is 11-bit CAN.  What does the (~2008+) Ford CAN preprogrammed mean.
With (~) are you indicating that pre 2008 CAN (even 11-bit CAN) will work?

I'm interested in the Trans temp functionality.

I know when my OBDII scanner is plugged in, that I can read Trans temp.

Can anyone confirm if the 2002-2005 Ford Explorers with either the 4.0 or 4.6 will get a transmission temp reading with this new model?

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