UltraGauge Frequently Asked Questions

How can UltraGauge be offered so inexpensively?

UltraGauge was designed from conception to be as inexpensive as possible without sacrificing functionality and features.  UltraGauge contains very large scale integrated circuits that increase reliability and reduce cost.  UltraGauge is sold factory direct only, via this website.... there is no middle man to mark the price up.  We keep our overhead low relying primarily on word-of-mouth to spread the word about UltraGauge.  So please click the Tell-A-Friend Link above.

While support personnel are always available via email or our support ticket system, we offer no call center and no telephone support or order taking.  This provides a tremendous savings in infrastructure that is directly passed on to our customers.

What's involved in installing UltraGauge?

Simply plug UltraGauge into the vehicle's OBDII connector.  The OBDII connector is typically located below the dash above the driver's foot controls.
The OBD II connector is present on all 1996 and newer vehicles sold in the USA.   UltraGauge is truly plug and play.  There is absolutely no additional wiring.

To determine the OBDII connector's location for your vehicle use the OBDII connector locator tool found here: OBD II Locator

Is UltraGauge Compatible with my vehicle?

UltraGauge is compatible with most* 1996 and newer foreign and domestic vehicles sold in the United States.  In 1996 the US federal government mandated that all such vehicles be OBDII compliant and support a standardized OBDII interface for external devices such as UltraGauge.  Vehicles supported include: Passenger vehicles, SUVs, trucks, Class A, B & C RVs.  Primarily intended for Gas vehicles, most diesels are also compatible.

While UltraGuage is compatible with all OBDII vehicles, some vehicles have unique issues which limit the potential of UltraGauge. Please see the Compatibility Exceptions list before purchase. (See link below)


More on compatibility here: Compatibility

* Please see our compatibility exception list here: Compatibility Exceptions

Which gauges will be available for my vehicle?

UltraGauge supports 78 unique gauges. The gauges supported are found here: Gauges.
However, UltraGauge can only display the gauges that your vehicle actually supports via the Standardized OBDII interface.  Gauge availability can vary by year, make, model and engine size.  There is no definitive means to know which gauges will be available for your vehicle short of attaching UltraGauge and letting UltraGauge discovery the available gauges.  To help alleviate this issue, a Gauge Availability Estimator is available.  There have been some 40,000+ different combinations of year, make, model and engine sizes since 1996 and as such, the Estimator will likely never be fully comprehensive and is an ever expanding work in progress.  If you can't find your vehicle, look for like years & models.

Gauge Availability Estimator

The estimator is the output from our database.  We have no additional information about your vehicle and its supported gauges beyond what is presented by the Estimator.

How does it work?

All modern vehicle computers naturally monitor most engine functions to properly set the fuel mixture and meet emission standards.  UltraGauge communicates directly with your vehicle's computer via the standardized OBDII port and collects and displays engine data.  UltraGauge also forms new gauges by combining engine data and accumulating data over time.

Is UltraGauge available in retail stores?

In order to keep UltraGauge affordable to all, UltraGauge is only offered facotry direct via the Ultra-gauge.com web site.

How is UltraGauge mounted?

Despite its large display, the body of UltraGauge is very compact and easy to mount. Various optional mounts are available. Please see our mounting page for more information: UltraGauge Mount Page

For custom mounting ideas, please also see: UltraGauge custom mounting forum

How quickly does UltraGauge update gauges

The rate at which UltraGauge updates all gauges displayed is configurable from 0.3 to 2.0 seconds, with a default of 1 second.. So in one minute, it has updated each gauge 60 times. Even though UltraGauge updates relatively quickly, it may not be suited for applications that need a fast continuous real-time display, such as racing applications.

Does it need Batteries?

No.  UltraGauge draws power through the OBDII connector directly from the vehicle battery.

Will UltraGauge work with Hybrids?

Yes.  However, the number of available gauges is vehicle dependent.   See our compatibility page for more information

Will UltraGauge alter my vehicle's computer?

Never. Normally UltraGauge simply requests information from the vehicle's onboard computer via the OBDII port.  The only instance in which UltraGauge could be thought of as altering the computer is when the Check Engine light is set to off.  However, this is a request made by UltraGauge to the computer, the computer retains absolute control and either grants or denies the request from UltraGauge.

Does it work with Diesels?

Yes, as long as your vehicle's emission decal is marked as "OBDII Certified" or "OBDII Compliant".  It is imperative that the fuel calibration procedure be performed for all diesel vehicles.

Where is UltraGauge Made?

UltraGauge was designed and developed in the USA by Ultra-Gauge.com.  UltraGauge.com is a US company that exclusively manufactures and sells UltraGauge.
UltraGauge is assembled in China.

Does it work on Motorcycles?

Yes, some of the newer fuel injection motorcycles have an OBDII certified interface.  Look for an emission decal with "OBDII certified" text.  It is very unlikely that carbureted motorcycles will be OBDII compliant.

Please note that UltraGauge is not weather proof and should not be exposed to rain.

$9 Reward Offer?

Learn about the reward here: UltraGauge Reward offer

Group buy Discounts?

Although UltraGauge is offered to the public at wholesale pricing, we do offer volume discounts primarily for automotive forum group buys.
Discounts are offered for group purchases of 50+.
It does require that a member of the forum take the responsibility to gauge preliminary interest, and then manage the overall group buy at the forum end.
If you are interested in managing a group buy for your forum and would like to learn more, please create a support ticket and request more information: Support Ticket

If you did not find the answer you seek please see the following common support questions/issues