Vehicle specific Battery Drain

**** This issue was resolved with the introduction of UltraGauge EM version 1.2, which began shipping on 6/27/12

The following is not common, but has been seen on late Mini Coopers, 2007-2010 5 Series BMW, 2012 Ford Focus and some 2011+ F-150s(and potentially other 2011+Fords) and only applies for UltraGauge prior to version 1.2

In the past when the ignition switch was set from RUN to OFF, the power was physically cut to the vehicles systems. This is no longer true for many modern vehicles, when the ignition is switched from RUN to OFF, the vehicle's electrical system modules stay active drawing battery power for several minutes. Over time, various systems will enter lower power modes and the drain on the battery decreases, but never stops. However, UltraGauge can cause these systems to not enter low power mode. Normally once UG has detected ignition off, UG will enter a low power mode and wait for the vehicle's systems to become active at the next ignition on. However, since the vehicle's electrical systems do not shut down, UG quickly attempts to establish communication again. This communication in turn causes the vehicle's systems to remain on indefinitely and results in battery drain.


Please note that older versions of UltraGauge can not be upgraded to version 1.2 or newer.  If you have a pre-v1.2 UltraGauge and a vehicle described above, please retask it to another vehicle.