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How to get pre-programmed manufacturer Gauges for my vehicle
How do I pair my Mobile Device with the UltraGauge Blue Adapter?
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Vehicle impaired when UltraGauge is attached
When UltraGauge is attached to the OBDII connector it begins scanning for one of five possible inter...
  Will UltraGauge work with my vehicle?The following must be true:   1. "OBDII Certi...
Supported gauges?
UltraGauge supports the gauges described here: Wired:
When things go wrong, perform a system reset
Often configuration changes are made without understanding their affect and this results in unexpect...
Diesel MPG Accuracy & Calibration
  Until calibrated, fuel and mileage estimates  for Diesel vehicles may be as much as 3x ...
UltraGauge does not power on when connected
The OBDII connector not only provides a communication path for UltraGauge, it also supplies UltraGau...
UltraGauge does not detect ignition on, does not power up
Ultra-Gauge supports seveal ignition-on detection modes. Please see the "Power On Detect Mode" sect...
Fuel Sender detection
All vehicles have a fuel sender.  However, not all manufactures/models make the fuel sender dat...
Few gauges found
  If the ignition switch is switched off during the gauge discovery phase, few gauges may be f...
MPG Accuracy
Please see the Fuel calibration section of the user manual before reading further. T
Please follow the fuel calibration procedure in the most current user manual.  Pleas
Toyota Tacoma 2001-2004 with ABS
  (The solution options below apply to other vehicles as well) The 2001-2004 Tacoma with 6 lu...
Check Engine Light
  Be sure that the ignition is in the RUN position, engine off, when reading or clearing troub...
Vehicle specific Battery Drain
**** This issue was resolved with the introduction of UltraGauge EM version 1.2, which began shippi...
Battery drain (concerns about)
UltraGuage draws power from the OBDII connector, which in turn is drawn directly from the battery. &...
2012+ Mazda 3 and other models
The 2012+ Mazda 3 and CX5 and perhaps other models, have a defect in its computer'd firmware.  ...
Connector difficult to unplug
The OBDII connector on the vehicle has a locking tab that retains the UltraGauge OBDII connector, ...
F-xxx Ford Diesel trucks
 (Regarding UltraGauge Blue, see below) Early on in the life of UltraGauge several Ford Dies...
Air to Fuel ratio (AFR)
Air to Fue