Supported gauges?

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One of the most common questions received is if UltraGauge will display a particular gauge for a specific vehicle.  However, this not an UltraGauge question but rather a vehicle specific question, as the gauges supported are wholly vehicle dependent.  UltraGauge can only display those gauges that the vehicle supports.

The OBDII "standardized" gauges that UltraGauge can display if the vehicle supports them are: 

All UltraGauge

Additional Gauges supported by the UltraGauge MX

The available gauges vary based on Year, Make, Model, Engine Size and sometimes even based on the transmission. For example, a 2004 Ford Mustang with a V6 may support different gauges than a 2004 Ford Mustang with a V8. Unfortunately it is difficult to know which gauges are truly supported by a specific vehicle without physically attaching UltraGauge and discovering the available gauges. However, gauges such as MPH, RPM, Intake Air Temperature, Coolant Temperature, distance gauges, Run Time Gauges, and Mileage gauges are commonly supported.

In an effort to help alleviate this issue, we have created a Vehicle Gauge Availability Estimator . Please read the important information contained on the estimator page before use.


Manufacturer Specific Gauges (such as Trans temperature, Oil pressure, etc.)

The OBDII standard defines roughly 135 "standardized" gauges that can be accessed via the OBDII port.  About half of these are useful.  The OBDII standard was created primarily for emissions reasons, as such most of the gauges pertain to emissions.   Manufacturers are required to provide any gauge which is used in the emissions process.  However,  most gauges are at the discretion of the manufacturer to support or not.

Manufacturers have the ability to access additional vehicle gauges beyond those specified in the OBDII standard.  These are proprietary manufacturer only gauges.  These gauges are available via the OBDII, but require special codes.   These codes are not made public by the manufacturer and does not have these codes nor do we know if they are available for your vehicle.

However, these codes do leak out and some are reverse engineered by enthusiast and the best source for codes is an automotive forum specifically for your year, make, model and engine size.

Please note that only the UltraGauge MX is capable of reading manufacturer specific gauges, and only if the codes are available.  Some additional codes can be found in the MX supplement manual

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